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Archive Unzipper

Wondering, how to extract a zip file on a server, where you dont have 'File Manager' access or dont want to upload 'eXtplorer' ?

The Unzipper can come to rescue !


The Unzipper is a PHP script that can extract ZIP and GZIP archives on webservers. All you need to do is upload a PHP file and access the file from your web browser.

The Unzipper will only list any ZIP/GZIP files that are located in the same directory as the PHP script in the drop down menu. So if you don’t see the archive file that you want to extract, double check the location of the unzipper PHP script and the ZIP/GZIP file.

Download file from

Upload it in 'public_html' or 'httpdocs'.

Run it like http://YOUR_SITE/zipper.php

Cheers !

Last modified on Monday, 27 June 2016 19:24